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Colville was recorded without overdubs or headphones using Blue Coast Records' proprietary Extended Sound environment recording technique. Cookie Marenco and her colleagues developed this audiophile technique to create a holographic listening experience. The highest grade equipment was used in the signal path. Along with recording to analog tape and mixing to DSD, these characteristics give a clarity of sound wells above that of the standard CD.


released January 29, 2012

Chris Kee: bass, cello, backing vocals
David Phillips: pedal steel guitar
Monica Pasqual: acoustic piano
Erik Pearson: clawhammer style banjo



all rights reserved


Springhouse California

Music from the Americana Borderlands - from artsong to the roadhouse and places in between:
Chris Kee and Jane Selkye met in the 1990s band Me Jane and have played with David Phillips in various
groups for the last twenty years. Springhouse marks Jane's return to musical work after a ten-year hiatus.
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Track Name: Jump that Train
I had me a lover in Tucson
Had a tattoo of a rattlesnake
His eyes were dark and cool
His house made out of sweet red clay

I stayed with a Bayou Hougan
He give me the cher delight
He taught me to ride the cayman
Whenever the water would rise

And Mama, how the highway hums
in the back of my brain!
One of these blackout nights
I'm gonna jump that train.

I've got an ache I live with
I got an itch I can't scratch
I'm neither here nor there
I can't keep to one place on the map

I stole a lover from the north of Ireland
Eyes green like a summer sea
He sets my house afire
He's the sugar in my bitter, black tea

My head is a live transistor
I'm getting a frequency
I'm charting a destination
Wide open space calling for me
Track Name: I Saw Her Tattoo
I saw her tattoo
the way she looked, I wouldn't have known her.
I saw her tattoo
-hard times can work you over!

Her San Pedro tattoo
and was she straight?
Well, what IS straight?
San Pedro tattoo
What is straight when your mind's rococo?

Maybe thrust and parry
Goes around and never through you;
Still, that kind of atmosphere,
It does something to you.

I saw her tattoo
She wears it right here
Oh, it is something!
I saw her tattoo.
It is something that won't leave her.

She wears her tattoo
Into battle - it is bullet-proof
In hardhat and boots
She's boxing with a shadow.
Track Name: Slow Day
On a slow day I'll leave things undone
I'll throw all the things away
that weigh me down when I run.

I'll go where I like
Where the sky is as deep as the sea
Where the sunlight fills my eyes
And I've got nothing to decide

On a slow day
When the wind blows
and the phone don't stop
I just say, "so what?"

On a slow day
The rush will have to go around me
'cause I'll be watching the wheatfields sway
and I'll let gravity ground me

On a slow day
with the afternoon wide open
I'll forget the american way
I won't achieve nothing

On a slow day
When the wind blows
And the phone don't stop
We just say, "So?"
and we go slow.
Track Name: Mad Hattie
Mad Hattie

I saw Mad Hattie again last night
She walked into Sawyer's, she didn't look right
Nobody would look at her straight.

People look down when Hattie lets loose
People in this town got no use for the truth
And Hattie, she never learned how to lie.

She cuts right through the stories you tell
One eye's heaven, the other's hell
Mad Hattie.

Hattie said when she was six her mama took off
Left the girl sleeping on a quilt in the sun
She said, "Hattie, I'll be back in a while."
A black bear quiet as a shadow appeared,
She said, "Come on with me, Girl, and don't be scared."
So Hattie climbed up and she held on tight.
She never looked back, she never cried
The wildwood sounds was her lullaby
Mad Hattie

Hattie come to town for some sugar and salt
The widow Bodine in a black silk frock saw her coming,
and she tried to sidestep,
But Hattie caught her up by the crook of her arm
Fixed her with a look, and the widow fell down in the dirt -
Hattie clutched at her shirt.
She coughed up a shadow, the widow prayed,
The shadow laughed and sang as it ran away,
"Mad Hattie!"

If you see Hattie, would you give her my best?
Keep me on the good side of a woman like that
Miss Hattie, Miss Hattie of the deep, dark woods.
Widow Bodine says since that day
The pain in her heart has gone away
'Cause Hattie is special that way.
When she hears wild singing in the night
She smiles 'cause she knows Hattie's alright -
Mad Hattie!
Track Name: Colville
I said goodbye to Colville
To the boneyard wind, to the whispering pines
I said goodbye this morning
To the river, to the midnight ride.

Now I ride the constellations
with a bridle made of stars
Ride the constellations

Got a sister on the Slocan
She knew a Doukhobor boy with the river in his eyes
I seen him down in Colville
On the Suicide Ridge
He was flying blind

And now he rides the constellations
with a bridle made of stars
Rides the constellations

Its a crime against memory
Back before the hard times,
When we all was kin
Now you're back in Colville
By the river, in the boneyard wind.
Track Name: Springhouse - On the Moon
There's no wind a-blowing on the moon
There's no garden growing on the moon
You won't hear what I say
From so far away
What a distance there can be
Between two rooms.

I know you keep your heart safe and out of sight,
But aren't you lonely way out on that satellite?
My instruments of war
They're too heavy anymore.
My heart would break with the weight of one more fight.

So I'm out on the moon
Feels like I'm on the moon
On the moon
Might as well be on the moon.

They say the moon was torn from the earth
Long time before we came
The hole it left became a deep, blue sea.
Now the moon's dry as a bone,
White and hard as stone.
Even with you next to me
I feel all alone.
Track Name: Under My Skin
Butterflies and honeybees
Hay's up in the barn
Milky water in the creek
and a muscle in my arm

I run outside without a stitch
No shirt, no shoes, no shell
Breezes scratch my velvet itch
I get a sweet cup from the well

Under my skin, where the grass grows
Under my skin, where the grass grows
Under my skin, where the grass grows

Yarrow, mint and marigold
Roots down in the sand
Sweet persimmon, pear and quince
heavy on the branch

When you catch your midnight fish
In the shadow of the moon
String them on a willow switch
And sing a made-up tune
Track Name: Three Crow Town
Sweet Virginia burned down the orchard
In that three crow town
West of Topeka, North of Salina
A mile from the burying ground

There is no simple life
There's only the long way around
From the edge of the world
To the heart of a three crow town

Hugh and Mary grew old together
In that three crow town
Catalpa windbreak across the spur line
Where the blacktop meets the rodeo ground

That old house
Filled up with secrets as old as the plough that broke the plain
And the sky's still blue as a Dutchman's britches
And the wind blows with a head full of rain

There is no simple life
There's only the long way around
From the edge of the world
To the heart of a three crow town

In a three crow town
At the heart of the world
We'll sing the darkness down
For Hugh and Mary and Sweet Virginia
And the ashes on the ground

There is no simple life
There's only the long way around
From the edge of the world
To the heart of a three crow town
Track Name: Muriel
Out on a boat on the river in June
Everyone's far away
Even the guy on the skis who's laughing,
(her second husband)
Laughing but all she hears is the wind

Reading a book on a gravel beach
Everyone's far away
Out in the current, they're floating
Muriel turns the page.

Buttermilk chicken and chocolate cake
Everyone's close at hand
Aunties and uncles comparing their sunburns
"Whose root beer is this?"
Everyone looks, no one knows.